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Style D

Cushions are 10′ long or less and may also be individual cushions in 19″, 20″, 21″ or longer. Decorator welt is applied to front edge for a finished appearance. Cushions may be segmented with 1 1/2″ gaps between to determine exact seating capacity. Non-skid contour base eliminates slippage. Cushions may also be permanently or velcro attached. Gunder also builds replacement seats style PB-23S for existing pews of all types and manufacturers. If you are updating or replacing existing cushions, this gives you a superior factory made seat with full warranty. Gunder existing pews feature detachable seats. Simply slide out the old seat and a new seat is quickly and precisely installed creating new beauty and comfort that will last for many years. All construction and fabrics are fully guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 25 years following the date of delivery.

Beautify and Enrich the Atmosphere of Your Church

Cushions IllustrationComfort-Curv sectional pew seat cushions are Comfort-Curved to fit the contour of your pew seats. Each section in 10 feet lengths or less, simply drop into a straight pew… no nails or screws to mar the beauty of your furniture. A three-ply, wood, non-slip contour base covered with 1 1/2″ of polyfoam padding gives maximum comfort and wear. Two styles, in a wide selection of decorator fabrics and colors, will complement any decor. Our wrinkle-resistant construction assures a neatly tailored appearance at a fraction of the cost of new seating. BASE: Each pew seat cushion shall be fabricated will a 1/4″, 3 ply, curved plywood base. This base is curved to one of six standard shapes to fit each pew seat contour. Cushion widths are made according to individual requirements with a standard maximum of 15 1/2″. Wider cushions and special contours are available for an additional charge. Sections are available in maximum lengths of 10′-0″. Cushions longer than 10′-0″ will be made in two or more sections. A non-slip polyfoam tape is applied to the base and fabric under all four edges to prevent slippage in the pew. FABRIC: Standard fabrics include a complete selection of decorator colors in solids and tweeds. All fabrics shall be institutional grade with heavy latex backing, 100% Nylon or Herculon (Olefin) Teflon-coated. All fabrics shall meet or exceed the ASTM-D-1175 surface abrasion test for classification as heavy duty fabrics. All fabrics shall be recessed pressure staples, under uniform tension, to the plywood base. PADDING: A high density polyether foam, 1 1/2″ thick, is glued to the plywood base with a special foam adhesive applied over the entire surface. This eliminates foam movement within the cushion. STYLES: Style “D” includes a decorator welt of the same fabric applied to the bottom front edge for a more tailored appearance. Style “C” does not include this welt. GUARANTEE: All construction and fabrics fully guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 25 years following the date of delivery. For details see the reverse side of the purchase contracts.

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