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Product Catalog (38MB .pdf)

The Product Catalog includes the Pew Seating Catalog, Flexible Seating Catalog, Pew Cushion Catalog,
Chancel-Sanctuary Furniture Catalog, and Modular Platforms Catalog.

Pew Seating Catalog (7.94MB .pdf)

Flexible Seating Catalog (6.7MB .pdf)

Pew Cushion Catalog (7.3MB .pdf)

Chancel-Sanctuary Furniture Catalog (33.9MB .pdf)

Modular Platforms Catalog (1.63MB .pdf)

Funeral Chapel Furnishings (2.87MB .pdf)

Gunder Furniture Care Sheet (1.4MB .pdf)

Pew Kneeler Parts (1.5MB .pdf)

Wood Finishes (1.2MB .pdf)